Niche Site Step-By-Step 001: What You Will Learn

I have learned so much from others online that I decided I wanted to give back in a big way.  The Niche Site Step-by-Step Example is an attempt to give back to the internet community at large.  I hope that many people will learn through the example I am going to chronicle on

The idea

I have seen many styles of teaching online, but I would have to say that the best teacher for me are the materials that give an ordered approach to creating using a real world example.  This does not mean that the tutorial has to explain every elementary step in the process.  It is my intent to take you on a journey through my process for niche site development by using a real world example from one of my sites from the inception of the idea to building the site to building traffic to monetizing the traffic.  I actively run and maintain the site that I will be sharing with you.

The idea for this series comes from many things I have seen on blogs across the web, but one blogger in particular sparked my interest enough to get me to follow through with the idea.  Pat Flynn of and his Niche Site Challenge post series are the main inspiration for me completing this series.  Two other bloggers that I would like to credit for peaking my interest to be transparent are, Morgan Linton and Andrew Warner.

What you will learn

  • How to find a profitable niche
  • How to setup a niche site
  • Content Strategy
  • Back linking and Traffic Strategy
  • Site Monetization and Conversion

My plan is to be totally transparent with the niche site that I am sharing in these lessons.  I will hold nothing back.  I will tell you the how and why I chose the niche.  How and why I chose the domain name for the site.  I will explain how I find keywords.  I will divulge many of the keywords I am targeting.  I will show you all of my traffic building strategies, including an exact backlinking strategy.  I will track the positions of the keywords I am targeting and report the progress.

You will learn how I find and write content.  I will show you how I SEO the site for optimum search engine traffic. I will give you all of the monetization strategies that I use and I will give income reports.

What I hope you get from these lessons

My hope is that you will copy what I do and you will prosper.  I do not mean that I want you to copy my content or try to compete with me in the niche, although I know that by sharing everything with the world about what I am doing, I am going to have people copy me.  That is just they way it is on the web.

Your story, your life

Now it is time for you to decide how you will make your story.  If you want to learn from me and take that knowledge and build your own passive income, come along for the journey.

If you have shared the details of your site or know someone that has, please contact me.  I would love to share it.


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