How to Stop Theft of Your Apple In-App Purchases

With the recent news of Russian hackers stealing in-app purchases and teaching others how to do it, you could be loosing a bunch of money soon. As a plus, it was also reported that the hackers where unable to access some in-app features.  This seems to be due to some apps validating the receipts of in-app purchases.  The processes if very simple and I recommend that everyone added this validation routine to their apps to protect them from this theft.

Steps to follow

1.  Get receipt data and encode it.

2.  Wrap the data in a JSoN object.

3.  Make a post request to Apple’s server.

3.  Check to make sure the status returned is 0 (zero).

That’s it.

You can find the detailed instructions to  verify in-app receipts, including code samples, on Apple’s website.

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#1 Andrew on 07.26.12 at 3:39 am

Interesting. I hadn’t actually heard much of this Russian hacking business, but looks like a good solution.

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