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6 Steps to Marketing Success on Youtube

I put together six steps that will help you grow your traffic on Youtube.  Remember, like any set of steps, you have to do them for a while before you see good results.

6 Steps to Marketing Success on Youtube

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7 Ways To Grow a Massive Audience With Social Traffic

Here is a good guide I put together to help you grow your audience through social traffic

7 Ways To Grow a Massive Audience With Social Traffic

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You only need a few customers to be successful

If you think about the numbers, you realize you don’t need that many customers to be successful.  Many people are seeking to get loads of traffic and huge list.  The problem is they are focused so much on growing their traffic and list that they miss the point of taking care of a small number of customers and then iterating.

Your focus from the beginning should be to find a person that wants what you are selling and is willing to pay for it.  If you can’t accomplish this with one person, what makes you think it will happen when you have many people coming to your site or on your list.  Now, I am not saying that more eyeballs looking at your offer won’t produce sales, but what will be the cost of acquiring those sales.  Will you have to write twenty blog post, spend $200 on ads, or follow 1000 people to make each sale?  Will it take you a day, a month, or even a year to get to a sale?  Will you be able to sell at all?

It is far better to answer these questions at the beginning of your venture.  Taking what you believe will make you successful and potential customers happy, building a rudamentay product, and getting actual sales, will prove whether you can be successful and in what time frame it can be accomplished.

I am speaking from experience.  I have build a lot of things I thought everyone would come running to and pay me money for.  The worst being the five years I spent developing a restaurant menu and recipe website that was suppose to shock the world.  It wasn’t until I finally decided to give it up that I realized this type of website was the model of what not to do.  The crazy thing is I was reading about the very stuff this article is about and I just kept right on down the path of failure.

Don’t be the guy who takes years or months to figure out if your idea is a failure.  If you think being bullheaded and going against the grain is a top characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, you are half wrong.  Yes, you have to go against Aunt Sally who says you are crazy for trying to start a business when you should stick to a real job, but you can’t go against your market.  They have to want what you are selling.  They may not know they want it because they don’t have it yet, but they have to want it and want to pay for it once they are presented with it.

The good thing about this way of validating an idea is you figure out you don’t need very many customers to be successful.  If you get 200 customers paying you $20 a month, you have an income of $4000 per month.  If you are selling digital goods, then subtracting even a modest overhead cost of $500 leaves you with $3500.  This is a nice income for many and it is attainable.  I know that many people reading this would say they would love to be at this number right now, but have failed to get anywhere close to reaching it.  I would say you need to stop and access what it is you are doing in your business and figure out if you can make it successful in its present state.

Do you have a product that people want to buy and are buying?  If not, you have to find that first paying customer.  Once you find the first paying customer, you will begin to understand if there is a demand for what you have and if there is someone willing to pay you for it.  Then, you look for your next customer, then the next, and so on.  The further you get down this path of acquiring customers, the better you will become at it.  You will start to see a pattern emerge and you will be able to summarize a process that you can scale.

If you can’t acquire customers, then you have to stop and rethink what you are offering.  It is the ability to stop the process quick and at the beginning of your venture, replacing your initial idea with a modified idea or a new idea, that gives you the best opportunity to succeed.  And because you are finding your real customers early, you are able to charge a price that makes your product viable and that only requires you to gather a small group of fans that will pay you.

Guide To Building An Email List

I put together a simple guide to building an email list.  I hope you enjoy it.

Click here to download – Guide To Building An Email List

Give something away

The easiest way to get someone to sign up for your list is to give something away. The beauty of all of this taking place on the internet is that you can give something digital away. Write a report or guide that will be valuable to your target audience. It has to be something that gets them to part with their email address and receive some emails from you.

The best way to produce something is to think of a problem your audience wants to solve and then give them the solution in a brief document. Take the problem and write a step by step on how to get to the solution. You don’t have to give in depth details, just an overview of how to get to the solution. Most of your audience that is looking for that kind of information will appreciate you organizing the approach.

Create squeeze page

The squeeze page or landing page is key to a good list building campaign. The page should be very focused. You want to make your offer clear with a headline that grabs the visitors attention and moves them forward to either reading the benefits of the offer or signing up. Use bullet points to highlight the benefits.

Provide a form for the visitors to sign up. The simpler the form, the more conversions. Most marketers opt for collecting only the email address and name. Some even go just for the email address to try and increase conversions. Use visual elements like arrows to direct the viewer’s eye to the sign up form. Also, make sure to have a clear call to action like “Get Yours Now.” Finally, include a component that lets the visitor know you are not in it to spam them. Use text
that says you won’t share their information or spam them. Some marketers suggest using a shield next to the text to indicate protection.

Link to email list

When the visitors sign up, you need a way to save their information and continue to communicate with them. The best way to do this is with an email list management company like Aweber. They will give you templates for communicating with your subscribers; including templates for the signup process.

Drive traffic

To get subscribers to your list you will need traffic. There are several ways to get traffic to your squeeze page. Forums are a good place to start. Look for a forum that is focused on your niche. Sign up and begin interacting with the community. Post links in your signature file and any other place the forum allows. Be sure to get the specifics about what the forum allows in your signature and other areas before you build any links.

Another good way to get traffic is to guest blog. Look for bloggers that cater to your audience. Study their content to get a feel for what they like. Engage the blogger before suggesting a guest post by commenting, tweeting, and doing other things that help to promote them and show that you care about their endeavors and not just your own.

Search engine traffic is another good place to get traffic for your offer. If you already have search engine traffic, you can try directing it to your offer once they are on your site. You can also work to have your squeeze page rank by leveraging internal and external linking. If you do not already have traffic from search engines, you can begin to put the pieces in place by using SEO techniques. Remember, this will take time to see any kind of results.

Get list to promote list

Once you have subscribers on your list, you can get them to promote it for you. The first way to do it is to simply ask them to share it with their friends and colleagues. Another way is to offer them something for free in exchange for sharing. You can use a service like Pay With a Tweet to have your subscribers tweet your message before they get access.

Final thoughts

List building takes a little effort, but if you work at it you can build a good one.

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