About Jeff

I’ve been making money online since 1999, or at least I have been trying to make money online since 1999.  I have tried all kinds of things; selling graphic design services, menu directory, recipe directory, ebay sales, affiliate sales, niche websites, a mobile device plugin, and many more.

Through the process of embarking on these project I have learned many things to do and not to do.  I most importantly have learned that I want to have a portion of my business set up that takes a very limited amount of my time and energy to keep successful.  This is what drove me to create passive income.

PassiveIncomeTeacher.com is the site where I share what I have learned through the years about generating a passive income online.  I have learned from many people online and I would like to give back by sharing my knowledge.  I hope you enjoy the content and learn how to make a passive income online.



Jeff Bullins