A Method to Validate Your Business Idea

In this episode I break down a method I use to validate business ideas and then determine whether to move forward with development or ditch the idea. Podcast Powered By Podbean

5 Reasons You Should Switch Hosting Companies

In the past, I spent a lot of time investigating hosting companies.   I used Lunarpages for many years and was fairly happy with their hosting.  I even got some of my family and friends to use them.  Then my needs changed and Lunarpages could not support the type of sites I was developing, so I [...]

6 Steps to Marketing Success on Youtube

I put together six steps that will help you grow your traffic on Youtube.  Remember, like any set of steps, you have to do them for a while before you see good results. 6 Steps to Marketing Success on Youtube Share this on Twitter, Facebook, or you favorite social network.  You can find share buttons [...]

Choosing a Business Idea – Podcast Episode 001

This is the first episode of the passiveincometeacher.com podcast.  This episode is the first in a series in which I describe the process I use to come up with business ideas, validate them, and bring them to market. Podcast Powered By Podbean

7 Ways To Grow a Massive Audience With Social Traffic

Here is a good guide I put together to help you grow your audience through social traffic 7 Ways To Grow a Massive Audience With Social Traffic Let me know what you think in the comments  

You only need a few customers to be successful

If you think about the numbers, you realize you don’t need that many customers to be successful.  Many people are seeking to get loads of traffic and huge list.  The problem is they are focused so much on growing their traffic and list that they miss the point of taking care of a small number [...]

How to Stop Theft of Your Apple In-App Purchases

With the recent news of Russian hackers stealing in-app purchases and teaching others how to do it, you could be loosing a bunch of money soon. As a plus, it was also reported that the hackers where unable to access some in-app features.  This seems to be due to some apps validating the receipts of [...]

27 Bloggers To Follow If You Want To Be Self Employed

The list I have compiled in this post are of people that are living the dream that I want to live in some way.  They are all self-employed and control their own time.   They all have their own stories and have tailored their lives according to how they want to live it.  And I believe [...]

Guide To Building An Email List

I put together a simple guide to building an email list.  I hope you enjoy it. Click here to download – Guide To Building An Email List Give something away The easiest way to get someone to sign up for your list is to give something away. The beauty of all of this taking place [...]

It took me 12 years to make my first $100 and then…

The headline of this post is a title I used for a Warrior Forum thread.  The thread has been deleted because I got temporary banned; not really sure why that happened, but before it got deleted it had over 800 views and 49 comments.  The interesting thing to me was the responses I got to [...]